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​Industry Seminar: Speakers' Series - "Panel – Sharing on Proprietary Trading Industry"

Published on: 13-Mar-2017

Panel – Sharing on Proprietary Trading Industry

Interested to learn more about high frequency or algorithmic trading? Hear from the traders as they share about the growth, challenges and opportunities in the industry!  

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Panel  – Traders' Insights

Lucas Tan – HNK Alpha (Trader)

Lucas is from HNK Alpha. one of Singapore's pioneer proprietary trading firm which over the years, has evolved to become one of the early adopters of electronic trading. Embracing the increased market accessibility, HNK Alpha's portfolio expanded to wider geographic and asset class coverage. Lucas being the youngest in his team, started his trading career 1 year ago, and currently specializes in speculating as well as making markets for equity indices and FX futures 


Dengjie Teo – Jump Trading (Algorithmic Trader)

Dengjie (DJ) Teo has over 11 years of experience as a proprietary trader at Jump Trading, having traded futures on Interest rates, Crude oil, Natural Gas as well as indices such as Nikkei & Topix in Japan and KOSPI in Korea.


Mark Pinckers – Flow Traders (Senior Trader)

Mark Pinckers comes from the Netherlands where he graduated with masters in applied mathematics and theoretical physics. In 2012, he joined Flow Traders in Amsterdam as a Junior Trader, right after graduation. After spending two years at the headquarters in Amsterdam, he moved to Singapore where he is now working as a Senior Trader in different markets.

Mark says, "Great thing about trading is that you see immediate result of what you are doing. You are continuously being challenged since the competition is also always improving. I'm of course a big proponent of the idea that you don't need an educational background in finance/economics; since if you are passionate about it, you can pick it up! "


Tee How Ng – Synergy Link Capital (Director)

After graduating from the University of Tennessee, Mr Ng worked in a local bank and a local SME before joining the futures industry in 1984. He first worked for Continental Futures from 1984 to 1990 and subsequently joined Goldman Sachs Futures from 1990-1998.

Mr Ng became a Simex local in 1998, and ran his own firm Promisedland (Simex Trader) Pte Ltd for more than 15 years. He is currently a director in Synergy Link Capital Pte Ltd.

Mr Ng has been actively involved in serving the futures traders' community since 2003. He served as Chairman of the locals committee from 2004-2006. He has been President of AFACT since its incorporation.


Come join us as our speakers share about the growth, challenges and opportunities in the industry! Refreshments will be provided.



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