As part of their comprehensive training, ITP students will also engage actively in experiential learning which includes local industry site visits, overseas study missions and networking sessions with industry practitioners.


The ITP curriculum will expose ITP students to a multidisciplinary and holistic education in all major aspects of international trading.  

Local site visits are typically day trips to the various facilities and offices opened by our industry partners as many global companies have established important operations in Singapore and the nearby countries.  A number of these world class firms have sited their regional or global headquarters in Singapore.  

Overseas study missions provide ITP students with extended time for learning and acquiring more in-depth understanding of the various real-life, on the ground operations of the overseas host companies.  

Through the industry networking sessions and seminar talks organized by CEIT, ITP students will acquire industry knowledge and be exposed to the current important trends, needs and challenges of the international trading sectors through the teaching and sharing of the invited industry experts. The contacts and network built through these sessions will prove invaluable for the students’ search for internship, full-time placements and connections for their future careers.