Internship is a key component of the comprehensive and holistic education offered by ITP. It helps CEIT’s Corporate Partners and other industry players build up their human capital talent pipeline.

4.jpgCEIT works closely with our corporate partners and students on internship placement opportunities. Internship opportunities span a broad spectrum of jobs across the entire trading value chain, and across the various sub-sectors of international trading, which include oil & gas, metals and mining, and agri-commodities. ITP students can look forward to exciting hands-on and trading industry-related working experience, both locally and overseas

Successful internships are often a prelude to job offers by the companies that the interns worked at, since many companies use internships to test the interns' mettle. Internships also allow students to have a much better understanding of the job requirements, career prospects and inner workings of the companies making these job offers; and these in turn enable them to better gauge their interest in the jobs.​