Minor in ITP

International Trading is offered as a Minor programme by the Centre of Excellence International Trading (CEIT) to all Business and Engineering Students.

Interested students from other colleges in NTU may write to to be considered for the programme and their applications will be reviewed and assessed based on academic performance and a suitable CGPA cut-off.

This programme aims to nurture a specialised and global-ready workforce equipped with both business and technical knowledge for the commodity trading sector. You can look forward to a wide spectrum of exciting and rewarding career opportunities available in the lucrative commodity trading sector and value chain upon graduation.

To fulfil the requirements for the Minor in International Trading, you will need to complete the six or seven core courses (16 AUs).

Course Code

Course Title



Trade Incoterms & Ship Chartering


BF2217 + BF4001*

Commodity Markets + Industry Seminar*
Commodity Markets*

3 + 1


International Tax and Trading Law



Trade, Structured & Supply Chain Finance



Enterprise Risk Management in Commodity Markets



Commodities Trading


Note: The same course cannot be counted towards satisfying requirements of two programmes, such as a major and a minor, or two minors. The courses are updated from time to time to reflect the needs of the industry, in particular the latest industry trends and skill requirements in Singapore.

*For cohorts admitted in AY19/20 and before, please take note of the course(s) that must be taken to be eligible for the award of the Minor in International Trading:

• BF2218 (4AUs) - if both BF2217 and BF4001 are not completed as of Semester 2 AY19/20; OR

• BF2217 (3AUs) + BF4001 (1 AU) - if either BF2217 or BF4001 is completed as of Semester 2 AY19/20. BOTH BF2217 and BF4001 must be completed by Semester 1 or 2 of AY20/21.

Career Prospects

With the Minor in International Trading, you will have the versatility and ability to choose from a broad and diverse range of career functions in the commodity sectors such as:

  • Marketing, Business Development and Analysis
  • Trading and Sales
  • Operations, Procurement and Sourcing
  • Finance and Regulations
  • Market Research and Product Development

Important Notes

  • A course cannot be counted towards the requirements of two minors (unless otherwise stated).
  • To be awarded a minor, students must not opt for these courses to be graded Satisfactory (S)/Un-Satisfactory (U).

Updated as at 02-June-2020