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Endorsements by Partners

We are indeed privileged to receive endorsements by the top management of our Corporate Partners for our Centre and the ITP.

Mr. Wim Roels, Borouge Pte Ltd
Mr. Wang ChangJun, Bright Ruby Resources Pte. Ltd
Ms. Lok Kheng Ling, Chevron Asia Pacific
Mr. Meng Fanqiu, China Aviation Oil (Singapore) Corporation Ltd
Mr. Li Zhihua, Eagle Metal International Pte Ltd
Mr. Satvinder Singh, International Enterprise (IE) Singapore
Ms. Han Xiaoli, Lobb Heng Pte Ltd
Mr. Antônio José Ribeiro Lima Neto, Petrobras Singapore Pte. Ltd 
Mr. Peter Finnimore, South32 Marketing
Mr. Tan Chin Hwee, Trafigura Pte Ltd
Mr. Kuok Khoon Hong, Wilmar International Limited
Mr. Michael Jester, Peter Cremer (s) GmbH

Wim Roels.jpg

Wim Roels

Chief Executive Officer
Borouge Pte Ltd

Driven by our core values, Borouge, which employs more than 3,000 staff from over 50 nationalities globally, believes that the strength of our organisation depends on the capabilities of our people. The creation of CEIT-ITP at NTU will benefit the global trading industry and businesses in Singapore as it nurtures the next generation global workforce, equipped with technical and commercial competencies. Borouge is proud to be a corporate partner of the International Trading Programme. We would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to CEIT on the successful launch of this programme.



Wang ChangJun

Bright Ruby Resources Pte Ltd

Bright Ruby Resources Pte ltd would like to commend NTU’s CEIT for designing a comprehensive ITP curriculum that covers the major commodities sectors and spans the entire commodity trading value chain.  With students trained in the areas of commodities trading and risk management, international tax and trading law and commodities’ geology and metallurgy, we look forward to industry-ready ITP graduates equipped to use Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg platforms in the largest finance lab in Singapore.

I congratulate this collaboration between NTU’s College of Engineering and Nanyang Business School for the successful launch of the ITP and I am sure this gilt-edged programme will be an important and key source of well-trained talent for the commodity sectors, which in turn will contribute to cementing Singapore’s role as a leading international trading hub.



Lok Kheng Ling

General Manager, Product Supply and Trading
Chevron , Asia Pacific

The International Trading Programme (ITP), administered by Nanyang Technological University’s Centre of Excellence in International Trading (CEIT), is a collaboration between Nanyang Technological University (NTU), International Enterprise (IE) Singapore and corporate partners to develop a pipeline of highly trained talent which is crucial to Singapore’s status as a global international trading hub. This programme aims to allow a wide range of students from Business, Engineering and Maritime studies to undergo a holistic education with relevant training experience covering the entire trading value chain. As a strong advocate for developing the right talent, Chevron is pleased to be an CEIT-ITP corporate partner.



Meng Fanqiu

Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer
China Aviation Oil (Singapore) Corporation Ltd

The new International Trading Programme (ITP) is timely and bodes well for Singapore’s status as the largest physical commodities trading hub in Asia and home to the finest decision-making and risk management functions for global commodity traders. I applaud NTU’s College of Engineering and Nanyang Business School for developing a unique and specialized education pathway in support of the thriving ecosystem of offshore traders and supporting industries in Singapore. As the largest physical jet fuel trader in Asia Pacific region and sole supplier of imported jet fuel to China’s civil aviation industry, CAO welcomes the newly created Commodities Trading and Risk Management ITP module which is very relevant to our main line of business. The ITP is a program that will create highly-skilled jobs for Singaporeans in the future, further strengthening Singapore’s status as a leading global trading hub through continued development of a robust talent pool as part of the trade ecosystem, thereby ensuring a healthy pipeline of talent to fuel and sustain the continued growth of the sector.


Li Zhihua

Eagle Metal International Pte Ltd

With a comprehensive curriculum which provides its students with a cross-disciplinary holistic education, the International Trading Programme at NTU is expected to be a key force in the supply of industry-ready talents for the international trade field. As a company specializing in the trading sector of nonferrous metals, Eagle Metal finds the ITP’s courses in commodities trading, finance and international tax are precise and substantial. At the same time, the broad range of students with varied backgrounds, yet possessing a solid broad-based training in international trading, provides us with more choices considering our growing needs in the different functional areas across the whole trading value chain.

I congratulate NTU for the successful launch of its ITP and wish CEIT success in making ITP a premier industry-relevant programme.




Satvinder Singh

Assistant Chief Executive (ACE)
International Enterprise (IE) Singapore​

Over the past two years, International Enterprise (IE) Singapore has worked closely with the international trading industry to understand their talent needs. Through the industry consultation and on-the-ground research, we identified the suitable university partner as well as developed a relevant curriculum and industry internship programmes to meet industry talent gaps. The International Trading Programme (ITP), managed by NTU's Centre of Excellence in International Trading (CEIT), is a unique public-private partnership between IE Singapore, NTU along with partnership and support from some of the leading international trading corporate partners, to support a common vision of nurturing a specialised and global-ready workforce for international trading. It combines NTU’s global leadership in business, engineering and maritime studies with relevant learning opportunities in international trading, both inside and outside the classroom. The ITP will ensure that its students receive a holistic exposure and experience to prepare them for good quality and rewarding careers, meet industry demand and further strengthen Singapore’s position as a thriving hub for international trade.” This programme surely puts Singapore on the global human capital talent map for international trading sector. Congratulations to the NTU Board, faculty partners and corporate partners for the successful launch of the programme.



Han Xiaoli

Managing Director
Lobb Heng Pte Ltd​

Lobb Heng would like to congratulate NTU’s CEIT on the successful launch of its International Trading Programme. With its holistic and comprehensive curriculum, training using state of the art Bloomberg and Reuters platforms, and students drawn from Business, Engineering and Maritime studies majors, we look forward to well-trained and highly skilled ITP students graduating from this top-notch programme. This would surely help in cementing Singapore’s standing as a key human capital hub for the international trading sector.


Antônio José Ribeiro Lima Neto

Managing Director
Petrobras Singapore Pte. Ltd

Petrobras is proud to be a founding corporate partner of NTU’s CEIT which administers the International Trading Programme. The wide range of students from Business, Engineering and Maritime Studies who will be exposed to a holistic education is an exciting blend that can help significantly in meeting the increasing need for specialized talent by the international trading sector. The graduates from ITP will be primed to utilize the knowledge and exposure gained through this programme to their full potential when embarking on challenging and rewarding careers in the entire trading value chain. We would like to congratulate NTU, the faculty members, and the other corporate partners for the successful launch of the International Trading Programme.


Peter Finnimore.jpg 

Peter Finnimore

Head of Marketing
South32 Marketing

South32 is pleased to have been involved with the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), IE Singapore and other corporate partners in the development of the International Trading Program (ITP), a training program that covers the entire international commodities value chain. This program, supported by hands on and practical training, helps graduates develop a specialised talent and a more holistic education, such that they are ready for the challenging and rewarding careers that await them in this sector. This program will be another badge for Singapore in its development as a hub for global human talent in the international commodity trading sector. We look forward to continuing our relationship with NTU, focused on developing local Singaporean talent because we care about the communities in which we are a part and believe together we can build a brighter future for all.



Tan chin hwee

CEO-Asia Pacific
Trafigura Pte Ltd

Here at Trafigura, we believe in investing in the next generation as they represent the future of the industry. The partnership between NTU’s International Trading Programme and Trafigura have given students opportunities to gain practical industry experience and knowledge. We are honored to be part of the country’s ambition of making Singapore a global trading hub.



Kuok Khoon Hong

Chairman & CEO
Wilmar International Limited

As a company founded on entrepreneurship, innovation and the hard work of its people, Wilmar International clearly identifies with the objectives of this Centre.  I am pleased to endorse the International Trading Programme (ITP) at NTU.
More than 2 centuries ago, our forefathers founded successful trading and shipping companies that provided the foundation for our local economy.  Today, trading is no longer a simple matter of buying and selling; managing a global integrated supply chain efficiently across nations is key to its success.  The sector needs young talent with drive, a global mindset and a willingness to work in new frontiers.  More than ever, opportunities abound for the bold, brave and talented.
Wilmar is encouraged by the holistic and rigorous programme developed by CEIT and honoured to be a founding partner of this programme. I wish NTU success in its endeavours.


MJ Photo.jpg


Managing Director
Peter Cremer (s) GmbH
Cremer group is a network of companies with integrated businesses operating worldwide in Trade, Production, Oleo chemicals and Shipping. What we think and what we do is based on responsible and reliable entrepreneurship combined with flexibility and innovation. With our motivated and skilled employees, our core competencies and efficient work processes, we have been continuously creating value that is higher than average.
Our employees are our most important asset and driving force behind our success. One of our primary values is to train young people, challenge their abilityies and develop them. The success of our company depends on young talent. This is why we are pleased to endorse the International Trading Programme (ITP) at NTU. We look forward to participating in the porgramme developed by CEIT and are honoured to be a founding partner of this programme.

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